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In Memory of


Veronica - 


NSA Agent


Reese Durazo -



Alyssa Schechter -
Ben Melton - Ben
Sydney Curtis - Sydney

Jessica McPartlin -


Dr Anita Mogul

Teresa Tomlinson -


White House Spokeswoman


Ramon Acosta - 


At five months of age Ramon fell victim to spinal menigities that left him brain injured but in spite of the fact that he is speech impaired and is unable to read, write, and do math, he still has great ability. Ramon has contributed to this film in many capacities. He furnished and helped design many of the costumes. He has been a consultant on important military technicalities. He built several models used in the scenes. He appeared in the film as an extra. Occasionally he operated the recorder or the camera. He also helped build and design some of the sets.

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